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Ridgeside K9 Ohio, #1 Rated Board and Train in Canton, Ohio.

Our Board and Train package is the most popular, efficient and effective way to obtain world class control and obedience on your house pet. To contact Ridgeside K9 Ohio about this program call (330) 904-7930 or complete the form on this page to have a trainer contact you. 

Why Ridgeside K9 Ohio?

  • Successfully trained 3,700+ Dogs Across The Nation
  • 10+ Years In Dog Training Experience
  • Nationally Recognized Brand
  • Guaranteed Results
  • 100’s Of 5-Star Reviews by Customers

Our Board and Train Program

Our Board and Train programs are the base of our dog training business at Ridgeside K9. We offer multiple board and train programs depending on your dog training needs, goals, and issues you may have. Each board and train program is customized for the individual dog. During our board and train programs, your dog is glued to their assigned trainer. Dogs live with and train with the trainer 24/7 for a set amount of training days based on the board and train selected. During training, trainers will send you daily progress reports and numerous photos so you can follow along and always stay in the loop onto how your dog is doing.

How Much Is It?

  • Adult Training (5 months and over)

Our 2 week is $2350 and is all obedience on and off leash.

Our 3-4 week is obedience and behavior modification (Aggression control rehab). We do not have many true aggressions cases that warrant the 5-6 week. If we do have one, we work with the owner to determine appropriate time.

There is no difference in the training between the 2 and 3 week board and train program. The difference is in duration. 

The three-week program allows for more environmental exposure, environmental conditioning, environmental neutrality, and overall confidence and impulse control. Three-weeks will always deliver a more reliable and consistent dog in the end. Both programs work magic but “more” training is simply better results.

  • Aggression Control Rehabilitation

4 week Aggression Control Rehabilitation (28-day immersion program) $4000

5-6 weeks for extreme Aggression Control immersion programs $5000 / $6000

All training packages are all-inclusive. Price includes all training, care, transportation, training equipment, and life-time support of you and the dog.

2 and 3 weeks off-leash board and train packages. This program focuses on and off-leash obedience, Place work, Off-leash recall and cover all aspects of Livability, Control, and Environmental Neutrality. Often behavioral issues all come down to confusion and the dog having no idea what the desired behavior is. Teaching the dog impulse control and self-capping drive and teaching the dog how to communicate is critical for long term success.

Tell Me More About This Program.

During training, you can call or text your trainer at any time for any reason. Ridgeside K9 is 100% open and transparent to their clients while their dogs are in our custody. Our trainers will come to your house, pick up your dog, train your dog, and then deliver the dog BACK TO YOUR HOUSE after training. This is very unique to Ridgeside K9 as most training companies prefer to do turn-overs after training in common and public areas, or at their facility. Think about this logic for a minute, where are 99% of your dog relationship problems occurring?

At your house of course! Counter surfing, trash can robbing, couch-jumping, window slamming, front door escaping, possessive resource guarding issues, etc – all occur at your house. Doing turn-overs in public settings may look “cool”, but have no transferable relationship to what happens when you bring the dog home and old undesirable behaviors come back the moment you walk through the door.

Ridgeside K9 will always do board and train turn-overs at your house. We will train you on our training system, role-play, and ensure you are 100% comfortable and clear about how to communicate and handle your dog.

We will then bring your dog back inside your home and go over the training with your dog in real-time. There is no time-limit to turn-overs, often they take 4 hours as we do not leave until you are comfortable, educated, and crystal clear on everything.

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